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Kong Drop Test


We shot this video during one of our SPRAT classes after a discussion started about how well the Kong Backup would arrest on the victim’s loaded line during the rescue scenario. These tests were simple with spare gear we had, and were not very scientific. It appears to us that the Kong is not…(Read More)

Tower Rescue Courses


Have you attended one of the tower classes we offer? We have worked with several hosts to bring our 8 hour Basic and Advanced Tower Rescue Programs, along with our 40 hour Tower Rescue Technician program to the Chicagoland area. All of these are great programs are geared for technical rescue professionals who are looking…(Read More)

Elevated Safety Product Review: Rock Exotica Omni Pulley If you have not added any of the Rock Exotica Omni line of pulleys to your gear cache, you must enjoy punishing yourself. While we have several other pulleys in the gear bag, we try to leave them for the ground crews to use. If you have…(Read More)