SPRAT Levels I, II, III – East Coast (TBD)


SPRAT training and certification is beneficial to both new and experienced workers at height, along with professional rescuers who are seeking to hone their skills at height. SPRAT training and certification will not only increase your skills and proficiency operating on line, but upon completion will provide you the necessary credentials to work in rope access industries such as: Wind Energy, Tower Erection, Tower Technician, and Window Washing just to name a few.

This course includes 4 days of instruction and mastery of SPRAT skills concluded by 1 day with a SPRAT evaluator.

All required safety and rope access equipment is provided by Elevated Safety.

Some of the SPRAT skills include:

Passing Knots in Ascent & Descent
Rescue of a Casualty at Height
Edge Negotiation
Equipment Mastery
Basic Rigging Physics

Take a look at these videos from our friends at Rescue Response Gear to become familiar with the SPRAT Skills: Level 1 SkillsLevel 2 SkillsLevel 3 Skills


Candidates must be at least 18 years of age

SPRAT Level 1: No prerequisites
SPRAT Level 2: A minimum of 6 months experience and 500 hours of documented work history as Level 1
SPRAT Level 3: A minimum of 6 months experience and 500 hours of documented work history as level 2

Rope Access work can be physically demanding at times. Candidates should be reasonably fit and able to work at a moderate pace for 8 hours.
We recommend candidates receive a physical examination by a doctor prior to training. 

All candidates are required to sign a Liability Waiver and a Medical Release form.

For additional Information on SPRAT go to: sprat.orgSPR

8:00 am - 5:00 pm
SPRAT Course (New Cert or New Level)$1,495.00
SPRAT Renewal - ONLY for renewal of current SPRAT Level Certification$495.00
SPRAT Renewal (Additional review days) $250.00
Hosted By Elevated Safety, LLC.
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