2017 FDIC Tower Rescue HOT Class


At this year’s Fire Department Instructor Conference (FDIC) we were selected, along with our friends from PMI/VRS, to offer our Advanced Tower Rescue Class as one of the Hands On Training (H.O.T) programs.





This was a great experience thanks to a great group of instructors, and a phenomenal group of students that attended each of the sessions.

This program took participants out to an actual tower structure where we covered proper climbing techniques, work positioning, maintaining 100% tie off, RF hazards, scene size up, victim assessment, industrial rope access equipment, and casualty rescue techniques.

The feedback received was great! Many of the participants commented that they had not realized how different accessing and working on these structures was from buildings and training props. There was also a lot of discussion about he many of our go-to rescue techniques or systems from training need to be adapted to this type of vertical rescue environment.

Are you interested in bringing this program to your rescue team, agency, or local area? Contact us for details, and to get your date on the calendar.

Check out some photos from FDIC 2017.