Rope Access for Professional Engineers

With an aging infrastructure and the desire to preserve our historic and landmark structures, professional engineers are finding themselves expected to access the inaccessible. Oftentimes, the reach of ladders, vehicle mounted aerial devices, scaffolding, or other systems is just not sufficient. This where rope access comes in.

Rope access proRope Access for Professional Engineersvides a cost effective and versatile means of inspecting difficult to reach structures and locations. Rope access equipment costs are substantially lower than renting cranes, hoists, or snooper trucks. Additionally, rope access used on rail and road bridges often requires little or no interruption to traffic.

Elevated Safety is the only resource you need to get your rope access program up and running. We can help with everything from consultation and guidance, to training and equipping your staff to be rope access technicians, and even providing Level 3 supervision and rigging services.

Some of the most common services we provide to our engineering partners are:

  • SPRAT Training & Certification
  • Rope Access Program Development & Consultation
  • Fall Protection Training
  • Level 3 Rope Access Rigging & Supervision
  • Confined Space Standby Rescue Team