Review: Rock Exotica Omni Pulleys


Elevated Safety Product Review: Rock Exotica Omni Pulley

Review: Rock Exotica Omni Pulleys

If you have not added any of the Rock Exotica Omni line of pulleys to your gear cache, you must enjoy punishing yourself. While we have several other pulleys in the gear bag, we try to leave them for the ground crews to use. If you have not seen or used the Omni pulleys, they have several features that make them a must have for any rope technician or rescue professional.



– Opening side plates. The sideplate on the Omni pulley have a two stage locking mechanism that allows the rope, or ropes in the case of double pulleys, to be loaded while never removing it from the anchor point. This makes rigging significantly easier, faster, and greatly reduces the chances of dropping the pulley or gear on the anchor point when directing the ropes in the system. 

– Integrated swivels not only orient the forces placed on the system, but also eliminate the need for a separate swivel and connecting carabiners, thereby significantly reducing length, or headroom, of the rigging. This is especially beneficial during confined space, or other rescues where maximum lift of the load is key.

– Enduring performance. With these great features, you would think that something would have to give. In our experience with the Omni pulleys, we have found that they not only last a long time, but maintain smooth and trouble free operation even after extended use under load.

Here are some pictures we took using the Omni 1.1 and the 1.5 double pulley at our Tower Rescue Technician class this week. We utilized the 1.5 double as a top anchor change of direction in a twin tensioned lowering/haul system with the CMC MPD, while the 1.1 pulleys were used on the casualty as a skateblock to direct them away from the tower.