Standby Rescue Services

Standby Rescue ServicesDelivering prompt rescue in the event of a fall or other emergency is an absolutely essential part of safeguarding your workers.It’s not just best practice: it’s the law.

“The employer shall provide for prompt rescue of an employee, or shall ensure they can rescue themselves.”
~OSHA. 1926.502(d)(23)

Elevated Safety is ready and equipped to serve as your rescue team or safety supervisor. We provide standby services across a wide variety of situations and specialties.

Our standby services include:

  • Confined Space Rescue Teams
  • Professional Rope Rigging & Supervision
  • Difficult Access & Rescue Team
  • Rope System Safety and Supervision

We have had the pleasure of performing standby services with:

  • The Tightrope Guy – Rigging & Rope Rescue Team
  • The Stunt Guys – Rope Safety & Supervision
  • Whoever else – Confined Space Rescue Team

Confined Space Rescue Team

Does your rescue plan comply with the OSHA standards for confined space rescue? 

Having an on-site rescue team is more than just having staff ready in the event an emergency arises. AStandby Rescue Services rescue team that is specified for rescue within a confined space must be equipped and proficient in performing the needed rescue services for the space in which work is being performed.

“Is equipped for and proficient in performing the needed rescue services”
~ OSHA 1910.146


Why do we need an on-site team. Can’t we just dial 911?

While some workers rely on local emergency services (911) to be their rescue team, you leave more assumptions than certainties unless your agency forms a close working relationship with those agencies. Not all local emergency response agencies maintain a confined space rescue team. Some agencies share rescue resources, and it may take an extended period of time for the equipment and rescuers needed to arrive at the site. Additionally, the emergency responders may not know the unique hazards of the space where the work is being performed until an actual emergency is declared. Lack of familiarity with the space can lead to delays in rescuing a victim until the rescue team learns, understands, and secures all of the potential hazards.

“…employers who are relying on local emergency services for emergency services arrange for responders to give the employer advance notice if they will be unable to respond for a period of time (because they are responding to another emergency, attending department-wide training, etc.).”
~ OSHA FAQ Answer

Eliminate the cost of maintaining rescue equipment and training.

Purchasing and maintaining all the required equipment and keeping teams trained in the proper rescue techniques can be expensive, especially when these teams are not utilized to complete work and may not be needed more than a few times. A good way to manage those expenses is by taking advantage of rescue services that maintain a highly-trained team that are knowledgeable and skilled in the techniques and standards used in emergency rescue situations.

Rope Access Rigging & Rescue

Many organizations find themselves with many Level 1 rope access workers, but only a few experienced in rigging and supervision of rope access work. Don’t miss out on any work opportunities: let Elevated Safety provide the expertise you need to get your job done safely and efficiently.
Standby Rescue Services

Elevated Safety Advantage

Along with being SPRAT and NFPA trained and certified Rope Rescue Technicians, Elevated Safety’s professional rescuers are also licensed EMTs and paramedics. Our rescuers have countless hours working at height, responding to emergency situations, and treating sick and injured individuals as active firefighters and emergency responders.

Elevated Safety’s response teams utilize state of the art rope rescue equipment and will explain, practice, and demonstrate the components of their rescue plan while at your site.

If you have a challenging rope access project, need an onsite rescue team, or just aren’t sure of the best method to protect your workers, Elevated Safety has you covered.