Highlines and High Directionals

Rope technicians, are you looking to up your game? Then our Highlines & High Directionals courses are for you. These courses build on your existing skills by applying them to the world of portable high directional, and highline scenarios. Courses will utilize the latest equipment and will challenge attendees with various scenarios, in real-world locations.

All courses will have a strict focus on safety, clean rigging and the physics behind highlines and high directionals.

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This course will build on your existing skills by applying them to the world of portable high directionals. Utilizing both the CMC Arizona Vortex and the PMI/SMC/Skeco TerrAdapter students will better understand resultants and force vectors within the framework of monopods, bipods and tripods in multiple scenarios.

Course Includes:

  • Tripod, bipod and monopod rigging
  • Improvised advanced high directionals
  • Lightweight advanced high directionals options


  • None

Target Audience:

  • Paid and non-paid professional rope rescuers, industrial access technicians and Search and Rescue personnel


This four-day course will teach various topics in addition to you participating in several scenarios. Our Highlines and High Directionals course uses the natural location of the Royal Gorge Bridge and Park to teach all-round skills that can be applied to typical rescues. In addition to covering the building and operating of highlines & AHDs, we’ll be teaching rigging, pick-offs, skate-blocks and several other rescue skills. We will also focus on safety, the physics of rigging and the appropriate use of gear.

Course Includes:

  • Rope rescue equipment
  • Anchor selection and Load Sharing Anchors: Natural (trees and rocks) versus manmade (bolting and rock pro)
  • Pick-off and skate-block rescues
  • Clean rigging theory and concepts
  • Artificial High Directional use
  • Analysis of highline and resultant forces
  • Minimalistic and equipment-heavy complex highlines
  • Reave setups (English and Norwegian) for midline lowers and raises
  • Pros and cons of horizontal load movement via mechanized winches versus mechanical advantage systems


  • N/A

Target Audience:

  • Search and Rescue personnel
  • Paid and non-paid professional firefighters and rope rescuers
  • Industrial access technicians