Highlines and High Directionals (Europe)

Advanced Artificial High Directionals

This course will build on your existing skills by applying them to the world of Artificial high directionals. Utilizing the SMC TerrAdaptor students will better understand resultants and force vectors within the framework of monopods, bipods and tripods in multiple scenarios.


Ce cours s’appuiera sur vos compétences existantes en les appliquant au monde des mâts de déport. En utilisant l’Arizona Vortex et le SMC TerrAdaptor, vous comprendrez mieux les forces et résultantes appliquées aux monopodes, bipodes et trépieds dans de multiples scénarios.


Si prega di compilare correttamente questo documento in modo che possiamo creare un poster per presentare il corso di formazione sui social network. Questo corso approfondirà le tue competenze esistenti applicandole al mondo dele forze risultanti. Utilizzando il SMC TerrAdaptor, gli studenti comprenderanno meglio i vettori risultanti e le forze all’interno dei telai di monopodi, bipiedi e trepiedi in molteplici scenari.


Advanced Team Leader Training

Specialized Training: Targeted to professionals who aim to excel in team management during rescue missions/standby rescue operations. Increase your professional experience in rescue.

Exclusive Setting: Limited to 8 trainees, ensuring personalized attention and an intensive learning environment.

Expert Trainers: Learn from top-tier SPRAT Level 3 and GRIMP Level 3 certified trainers

Upcoming Courses / Formations A Venir

Advanced Team Leader

May 6 - 10, 2024 /// 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM
Hosted by: Sicurlive Group SRL
Location: Via Niccolò Copernico 4 Poncarale- Brescia, IT
€1500, excluding tax
To register, email

Advanced Artificial High Directionals

June 4 - June 6, 2024 /// 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM
Hosted by: Elevated Safety
Location: Germany
€900, excluding tax
To register, email

Advanced Artificial High Directionals

Sep 17 - Sep 19, 2024 /// 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM
Location: United Kingdom
€900, excluding tax
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Advanced Artificial High Directionals

Course Includes / Inclus Dans Cette Formation

  • Tripod, bipod and monopod rigging, forces / resultants understanding
  • Urban advanced high directionals
  • Industrial advanced high directionals options


  • Montage de monopodes, bipodes et tripodes, compréhension des forces et des résultantes
  • Montages urbains avancés
  • Options de montages industriels avancés


  • Ancoraggio di tripodi, bipodi e monopodi, comprensione delle forze/risultanti
  • Configurazioni avanzate in ambiente urbano
  • Opzioni avanzate di linee teleferiche industriali
  • Valutazione del Rischio O.R.A.(Operational Risk Assessment)
  • Squadra di Soccorso


Prerequisites / Pre-requis

  • None / Aucun


Target Audience / Audience Cible

  • Paid and non-paid professional rope rescuers, industrial access technicians and Search and Rescue personnel
  • Sauveteurs sur cordes professionnels et bénévoles, techniciens cordistes / industrie et espaces confinés.
  • Soccorritori professionisti , tecnici di accesso su fune industriale e personale di Soccorso e Ricerca


What To Bring / Materiels Necessaires

  • Appropriate clothing
  • Helmet
  • Class III full body harness (CE compliant)


  • Tenue adaptée
  • Casque
  • Equipement EPI complet (CE)


  • Abbigliamento adeguato
  • Casco
  • Imbracatura a corpo intero di cat III (conformità CE)


Advanced Team Leader Course

Course Includes

  • 5 days of immersive training
  • Theoretical and practical sessions, including 16-20 real-life scenarios
  • Earn the ES Training Certificate upon successful completion and continuous assessment of expected skills

Program Details

  • Day 1: Theoretical – insights into maneuver types and rescue procedures, followed by practical workshops and debriefing settings
  • Day 2: Theoretical – edge transition, site and team securitization. Evacuation drill – 4 exercises, focus on edge transition, securitization and team communication
  • Day 3: Theoretical – deep dive into risk assessment strategies, 4 rescue scenarios (confined space/highline scenarios), exchanges on redundancy forms
  • Day 4: Theoretical – AHD setups and forces understanding, 4 AHD exercises application (urban/industrial configurations and outback scenarios)
  • Day 5: Complex rescue operations with medicalization. Global and personalized debriefing.


Written material provided prior to the course, videoconference with the entire team to review certain concepts and answer questions before the course.