Rope Access and Rope Rescue (Europe)

Operational Risk Assessment (ORA)

This unique course is designed to help you increase safety and understanding in your rope access and rescue systems. Understand the techniques, anticipate the rescue, manage the team in a degraded situation and above all analyze the incident or accident so that it cannot happen again.

The risk analysis must be permanent and you will work on the virtuous circle B.D.A.B (Before, During, After, Before).

Cette formation inédite est conçue pour vous aider à accroître la sécurité et la compréhension de vos systèmes d’accès sur corde et de sauvetage. Comprendre les techniques, anticiper le secours, gérer l’équipe en situation dégradée et surtout analyser l’incident ou l’accident pour qu’il ne se reproduise pas.

L’analyse du risque doit être permanente et vous travaillerez sur le cercle vertueux B.D.A.B (Avant, Pendant, Après, Avant).


SPRAT Level 1

This 4-day rope access training course concludes with a 1-day evaluation for SPRAT Certification, conducted with SPRAT Evaluator. These courses teach workers how to safely access structures using two-rope systems, as well as advanced techniques of structural progression and rescue.


Working Aloft/Mast Access Course

This training course is designed for technicians working on masts. Following an innovative operating procedure developed by Elevated Safety, you’ll be able to work on ropes while respecting the safety principles involved in working at height.

Mast access is a technical and sensitive task requiring specific training, appropriate equipment and reliable methodologies. We can can help you optimize your existing access techniques.

Upcoming Courses / Formations A Venir

Operational Risk Assessment

May 21 - May 23, 2024 /// 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
€900, excluding tax
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Jul 1 - Jul 5, 2024 /// 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM
Hosted by: Elevated Safety
Location: Breda, Netherlands
€1400, excluding tax
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Sep 2 - Sep 6, 2024 /// 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM
Hosted by: Solo Training
Location: Brasov, Roumania
€1400, excluding tax
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Operational Risk Assessment

Sep 24 - Sep 26, 2024 /// 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM
Location: Gdansk, Poland
€900, excluding tax
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Operational Risk Assessment (ORA)

Course Includes / Inclus Dans Cette Formation

  • Risk analysis for rope access and rescue operations
  • Redundancies and safety systems
  • Understanding and optimization techniques (force measurements in systems)
  • Stressful working condition and mental potential optimization
  • Compliant with SPRAT recommendations
  • Analyse des risques pour les opérations d’accès et de secours sur cordes
  • Redondances et systèmes de sécurité
  • Compréhension et techniques d’optimisation (mesures de force dans les systèmes)
  • Travail en situation de travail dégradée et stressante, Techniques d’optimisation du potentiel,
  • Conforme aux recommandations SPRAT


Prerequisites / Pre-requis

  • Experienced Rope Access / Rope Recue Technicians
  • Techniciens Secours Sur Corde et Acces Sur Corde


Target Audience / Audience Cible

  • Paid and non-paid professional rope rescuers, industrial access technicians and Search and Rescue personnel
  • Sauveteurs sur cordes professionnels et bénévoles, Techniciens d’accès sur cordes et Personnels de recherche et de sauvetage.


What To Bring / Materiels Necessaires

  • Appropriate clothing
  • Helmet
  • Class III full body harness (CE compliant)
  • Tenue adaptée
  • Casque
  • Equipement EPI complet (CE)


Working Aloft/Mast Access Course

Course Includes

  • 2-day initial training on boats
  • implementation of personal fall protection systems, regulations, PPE monitoring and maintenance, suspension trauma
  • Optimization of climbing techniques, comparison of different types of equipment
  • Risk analysis, assidentology
  • Climbing the mast by yourself or as part of a team, choice of anchoring points
  • Rescue management

What To Bring

  • PPE equipment with helmet (controlled)