Urban Rigging & Rescue

Elevated Safety is excited to reintroduce our Urban Rigging & Rescue Class. This course is geared towards the rescue technician who finds themselves working and providing services within the urban landscape. Buildings, bridges, and towers are commonplace in these environments, and each pose their own unique access challenges. Rescuers need to be able to evaluate risk, climb, build systems, and appropriately rescue injured or trapped parties from these environments.

Our Urban Rescue Class will have a large focus on personal rope skills, aid climbing, and small party rescue techniques. Elevated Safety welcomes all individuals; however, this class is geared towards technicians and teams with a healthy understanding of rope access techniques.

Various training locations will be used in and around metropolitan areas. Plan and prepare for all weather conditions.

Possible topics covered:

  • Tripods & AHDs
  • Span anchors
  • Window washer rescues
  • Stairwell rescues
  • Pick-off rescues
  • Aid climbing
  • Belaying
  • Multi point anchor systems
  • Pitch head hauling
  • Tower climbing
  • Ground based rescues
  • Ground based anchor setting
  • elevator rescue operations

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Urban Rigging & Rescue
/// Nov 05 - Nov 07, 2024
/// Lake Worth, FL
0 Spaces Available
/// Nov 05 - Nov 07, 2024
/// Lake Worth, FL
0 Spaces Available

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