Working Aloft (Europe)

This training course is designed for technicians working on masts. Following an innovative operating procedure developed by Elevated Safety, you'll be able to work on ropes while respecting the safety principles involved in working at height.

Mast access is a technical and sensitive task requiring specific training, appropriate equipment and reliable methodologies. We can can help you optimize your existing access techniques.

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Working Aloft/Mast Access Course

Course Includes

  • 2-day initial training on boats
  • implementation of personal fall protection systems, regulations, PPE monitoring and maintenance, suspension trauma
  • Optimization of climbing techniques, comparison of different types of equipment
  • Risk analysis, assidentology
  • Climbing the mast by yourself or as part of a team, choice of anchoring points
  • Rescue management

What To Bring

  • PPE equipment with helmet (controlled)