Elevated Safety Now Elevating Expectations – In Europe.

It’s official: Elevated Safety is open in Europe. Our first training workshops have already begun and more are on the way.

From our administrative office in France our company is perfectly located to train anywhere on the continent. We are already operating in France, Belgium and Italy. Right from the start, Elevated Safety has pioneered a new flexible technical training model which makes it possible to develop curriculum tightly tailored to job functions in industries and markets where need is concentrated. As we often do in the US, Elevated Safety will hold training days in established training centers with whom we team. When we say the training is specific, we mean it. Our first trainings were organized to account for the unique needs of telecom installers and to train at-height installation of access safety rail in marine applications.

Future training will continue our custom curriculum approach and introduce many of the same high quality core courses that we’ve been developing and delivering in the US since the early 2000s. Beginning in 2023 we’ll offer SPRAT Level I, II and III Certification courses.

As has always been a key Elevated Safety difference, our European staff is entirely comprised of first responders and rope access/rope rescue practitioners. We are firefighters, mountain rescuers, SPRAT-certified rope access techs and certified arborists.

In Europe as in the US, we recommend equipment we believe works best, regardless of who makes it. So, to help our students experience the latest, when appropriate we’ll have winches, rescue litters, anchoring systems and a variety of other advanced equipment on hand from our Harken, Cascade Rescue and SMC siblings for product demos.

To contact Elevated Safety about adding a custom training event at a training center near you, or to inquire about participating at a future ES training event, contact Alexandre Gomez de Miranda at info@elevatedsafety.com.