Sep. 30-02 2024

Technical Rescue Emergency Care (TREC)

at Verona Fire Department
in Madison, WI
Technical Rescue Emergency Care (TREC)

Course Overview

This course is for experienced rescue technicians to learn methods for integrating emergency medical care and treatment during evolving rescue scenarios. Rescuers will build on their existing experience to navigate rescue scenarios while providing basic and advanced and life support (ALS/BLS) to critically injured casualties. Objectives are accomplished through integration of medical simulation and practical skills performed in realistic technical rescue scenarios.

This course is NOT a first-aid course. This course is for trained emergency medical providers to adapt their clinical care to the technical rescue environment.

Target Audience

Trained and experienced technical rescue/search and rescue (SAR) team members who possess an emergency medical license (EMT, Paramedic, RN, or physician).


  • Rope Rescue operations training in accordance with NFPA 1006.
  • NREMT certified EMT or Paramedic, state licensed EMT/Paramedic, Registered Nurse, physician, or another approved medical license.

Gear and Equipment Requirements

  • Class 3 life safety rescue harness.
  • Helmet
  • All-weather clothing (some outdoor/wet locations).
  • Personal backpack to carry equipment into remote areas.

Course Pricing

Course: $690


/// 15 Spaces Available
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Course $690.00 USD