Protect Yourself. Protect Your Rope.

Safety is in our name, and it is one of the reasons we exist as a company. One of the crucial safety measures that is often over looked by work at height professionals is edge protection. The aim of edge protection is to protect the rope from damage as it is used over the edges of building or other obstacles. The constant movement of rope over a sharp edge can damage the line and place the rope access professional in a life-threatening situation.

Elevated Safety has found, over the years of providing training and job oversite, that the lack of rope protection is due to two common factors. Complacency and tight time frames. Most professionals are used to working at height and some begin to fall into the thought process that “this will never happen to me.” Years of work without incident reinforce the behavior and can lead to a catastrophic failure resulting in death or injury. Tight time frames also play a significant role when the worker cuts corners to finish a job quickly. It is easy to overlook something as simple and easy as edge protection to “just get the job done”.

Our advice? Invest the money to protect your rope and your team. Remember to take the few extra minutes required to use an edge protector, every time. Whether you prefer a soft nylon version that wraps around your rope, or a hard-plastic version that goes over the edge, the added protection is vital. With plenty of edge protector options available, you can find one that suites your needs (SterlingCMC and SMC all carry options). If you’re not sure which type makes the most sense for the job you’ll be tackling, we can help. We have experience with nearly all of the edge protectors available and can provide guidance on which one will work best for you. And, we carry most manufacturers, so consider us a one-stop shop for gear.

One last thing to consider. Equipment doesn’t last forever. Be sure to inspect it before and after it is used – every time. If it is worn, torn, frayed, not functioning properly, and doesn’t pass inspection, discontinue and destroy it to ensure no one else can use it. Keeping gear current and inspecting it every time it is used, can truly save lives.

If you have questions about what to look for when inspecting equipment, or need support in determining which gear is right for you, contact the Elevated Safety Gear Shop. We can help, and we are open for business.