Rope Related Essential Work

Even with all the COVID-19 shutdowns, the Elevated Safety crew is still out on the front lines as first responders and also helping out with various rope-related essential service work.

Earlier this week, Elevated Safety Instructor, Tom Wood, broke out his Harken Rigger’s Winch to help drop and move a large Ponderosa Pine into the back of a dump truck so that the wood could be donated to a local church so it could be cut and blocked into firewood for local families in need.

By hinging cuts on the large tree, ISA certified arborist Nathan Hankins was able to drop each section onto a Port-A-Wrap rope device secured at the tree’s base. Each section (weighing several hundred pounds each) could then be hauled laterally with the Rigger’s Winch set up on a 2:1 mechanical advantage while the log was still suspended by the Port-A-Wrap rope.

If you are interested in learning more about, or purchasing the Harken Rigger’s Winch, contact the Elevated Safety Gear Shop.

Note: The Arborist was contracted by a homeowner to drop the unhealthy tree which was near their home.