The Current Top 3 Rope Bags Review

There are a number of options available. And we try them out, so that we can let you know our thoughts on them. Here are our thoughts on the current, top three rope bags.

CMC – Rope Bag ⁣

Reach-in bottom allows bag to be used easily from both ends. Contoured backpack-style shoulder straps with integrated handle. Side carry handle allows for easy loading/unloading from apparatus. Exterior gear loops for attaching carabiners⁣

ARS – Breakout Bag⁣

With true double-ended construction, users can rig efficiently out of both ends without the fear of the rope binding. The bag also opens completely from top to bottom allowing access to the middle of the rope, or permitting the user to “escape” the bag even while deployed from both ends. Even the smaller pockets can easily accommodate larger hardware such as the MPD or the CMC CLUTCH by Harken Industrial. ⁣

PMI – Rope Pack⁣

Padded backpack straps make carrying a loaded bag more manageable. Wide mouth top with bucket handles and drawstring. Grommet on the side of the bag. Pocket for rope history card⁣.

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