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Elevated Safety continually develops and customizes courses to deliver the best and most up to date rope access knowledge available. From training workers on specific job site hazards to professional rescuers preparing for the unexpected hazards, our team of instructors ensure our courses teach the best and safest methods possible.

Featured Courses

SPRAT LEVELS I, II, & III // Industrial Training

This 4-day rope access training and 1-day evaluation is for SPRAT Certification Levels and concluded is conducted along with SPRAT Evaluator. These courses teach workers how to safely access structures using two-rope systems, as well as advanced techniques of structural progression and rescue.

Urban Rigging & Rescue // Fire / Rescue Training

Elevated Safety is excited to reintroduce our Urban Rigging & Rescue Class. This course is geared towards the rescue technician who finds themselves working and providing services within the urban landscape. Buildings, bridges, and towers are commonplace in these environments, and each pose their own unique access challenges. Rescuers need to be able to evaluate risk, climb, build systems, and appropriately rescue injured or trapped parties from these environments.

Tower Rescue // Fire / Rescue Training

These courses cover emergency response to high-angle rescue incidents involving communications towers, radio towers, and other man-made structures.

Rope Rescue // Fire / Rescue Training

These courses cover rope rescue objectives as defined by NFPA 1670 and 1006. We offer Rope Rescue Operations and Rope Rescue Technician courses. Both include classroom, and real-world training scenarios.

Rope Access & Confined Space Services

Elevated Safety can execute or assist with your rope access and rescue plans. Getting the work done safely and efficiently.

Rope Access Services

Confined Space

Elevated Safety offers confined space training, consultation and on-site rescue services. As one of our core competencies, we know the unique hazards and scenarios when accessing and working in confined space.

Stand-By Rescue

Elevated Safety is trained and equipped to serve as your stand-by rescue team or safety supervisor. We provide stand-by services across a wide variety of situations and specialties. Along with stand-by rescue, Elevated Safety can consult and advise on your needs and can provide rope access rigging and safety supervision.

Rope Access

Along with rope access training and consultation services, Elevated Safety provides Level 3 rope access supervisors and SPRAT I & II certified technicians with the knowledge, experience and skills to manage your most complex rigging and rope access projects.

One-Stop, Industry-Grade Gear Shop

Elevated Safety is your single source for safety equipment and training. As an authorized dealer for the leading brands in vertical safety, we can consult, equip, and train your team.

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Featured Gear

Harken – Ninja MultiAscend // Harken

The Ninja MultiAscend is engineered to provide increased efficiency in a range of applications. The dual cam design enables the MultiAscend to act as both a chest ascender as well as a full point of attachment. In addition, the external release triggers enable the MultiAscend to act as a hand ascender, or a progress capture device on a safety line.

$189.00 MSRP

SMC Apex Swivel Pulley 1.5″ // SMC

The Apex Swivel Pulley offers both easy one-handed operation and unmatched security. The Apex is a mid-line attachable pulley that secures the rope using a low-profile, patented, triple-action lock mechanism that can easily be opened with one hand. This lock is operated by three distinct actions: pivot the lock button, depress it, then swing open the side plate. Simply closing the sideplate re-engages the lock mechanism and solidly secures the rope. The operation is intuitive and ergonomic. The Apex features symmetrical sideplates which are optimized for integration with prusik-based progress capture systems. This streamlines system set-up and minimizes the possibility of mis-rigging. The beautifully forged swivel eye was designed to accommodate up to three carabiners so you can use the Apex in virtually any rigging scenario. It is also soft-goods-compatible for situations where you want to eliminate the carabiner altogether. The swivel eye’s versatility allows it to excel in a wide range of rigging configurations. The U.S. made Apex Pulley line represents the new standard for rescue, rope access, or arborism.

$105.00 MSRP

Harken – Wingman // Harken

Harken’s new Wingman applies new design and technology to achieve more from a compact personal mechanical advantage system. Wingman’s innovative design means it’s among the first offerings in this category that achieve internal progress capture mechanically within the unit rather than relying on prussiks to achieve that externally. Wingman combines a ratcheting sheave to stop the rope with a composite handle or wing the operator can open and close under load for a well-modulated ‘fine-tuned’ release. Under full load even with the sheaves pulled completely together, the system may be released quite easily–with full control using one hand on the wing and the other tending the line. These revolutionary features combined with ball bearings within the sheaves and the maximizes efficiency for raising and lowering loads of up to 681lbs. It may be configured as a 4:1 or 5:1 purchase system. Wingman is ideal for pick- offs, adjustable directionals, work positioning, and much more. The unmatched ease of use and the industry leading compact form factor makes Wingman a simple tool you will always want at your side.

The Wingman 3M comes with a bag.

The Wingman 9M and 15M do not come with a bag. For the Wingman 15M, we recommend the 15L PETZL Bucket, as it fits the 250ft of cord and is the ideal size for the product.

$525.00 - $675.00 MSRP

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