Grimpday Safety and Technical Partner

We’re excited to share that Elevated Safety is the Safety and Technical Partner for Grimpday. As the Safety and Technical Partner, we’ll have Safety Officers present at all events throughout Grimpday, with the goal of enhancing the overall Grimpday experience.

Why Did Grimpday Choose Elevated Safety?

Grimpday chose to work with us because we share the same values – sharing expertise in order to improve safety. Grimpday also liked how our courses are designed to meet the real needs that safety and rescue teams encounter in the field, and are based on the skills of those in attendance. The creation of Elevated Safety Europe, makes this collaboration even easier.

Why We’re Excited To Be A Safety and Technical Partner

This collaboration with Grimpday reinforces the safety and technical aspects of their events, which we feel strongly about. We had the pleasure of hosting the Grimpday organizing team at one of our SPRAT rope access courses last November. It was great having that team train with us, and enable them to approach rescues from a different angle. We also had the opportunity to share a lot of experiences and learn from each other during that course.

After that course, we both realized that this would be a great partnership and quickly began reviewing all of the events taking place at Grimpday 2024 through the lens of improving safety, and drawing attention to certain elements.

Our Team’s Thoughts On The Grimpday Partnership

I have participated as a partner in several Grimpday competitions. We participated as a team in 2019. I’m very proud and honored that Elevated Safety has become a technical partner of this great event. The collaboration has already begun, and we believe that both protagonists have something to gain from it. So let’s get to it!”

– Pierre Masse, CEO of Elevated Safety Europe

I took part in my first Grimpday in 2012, and the experience profoundly changed my vision of sharing knowledge in the rope rescue field. I’m particularly proud to be able to continue sharing with the Grimpday team, and all participating teams, through a technical and safety partnership.”

– Alexandre Gomez De Miranda, COO of Elevated Safety Europe

From competitor to safety advocate, my journey with the Grimpday Rescue Competition has been about not just winning, but ensuring everyone’s well-being. I’m thrilled to be a part of this side of the competition, where safety takes center stage.”
– Micah Rush, CEO of Peak Rescue, an Elevated Safety Company