Elevated Safety Supports the RMMI Rescue Challenge

The 120th Annual Rocky Mountain Mining Institute Conference was held in Englewood, Colorado in late June 2024, and Elevated Safety was on hand to assist with the 33rd annual multi-day preconference RMMI Education, Evaluation and Training Event that took place at the West Metro Training Facility in nearby Littleton.

The event brought together 12 mine rescue teams from Canada and the U.S. to challenge the 144 miner/stand by teams to rescue scenarios that pushed everyone to their limits in the hot, dry climate of summertime Colorado. Elevated Safety supplied an Evaluator who was tasked with the creation of a scenario, then grading the performance of each team that rotated through. Medical, triage, haz-mat, high angle, confined space, tripod use and structural collapse stations, were all run with SCBAs and air monitoring to provide the most realistic scenarios possible.

Additionally, Elevated Safety provided technical support for the teams by answering gear-related questions and giving information on the many Harken Safety & Rescue branded products (e.g. the TerrAdaptor, Clutch, Wingman, Apex Pulleys and LokHead Winch) that teams were using. Attendees also got a sneak peak at the new, soon to be available Harken Origin TT Rigging Plate.

We’d like to thank all the attendees for their dedication to rescue and for demonstrating a willingness to learn in a tough environment. We’d also like to thank RMMI and West Metro Fire for hosting a top-notch event. We are already looking forward to next year’s conference.