Sep. 10-12 2024

Advanced Artificial High Directionals

at Crystal Mountain Resort
in Crystal Mountain, WA
Advanced Artificial High Directionals

Course Overview

This three-day course will build on your existing skills by applying them to the world of artificial high directionals. Through lecture and rigging scenarios, students will better understand the forces within high directional systems using monopods, bipods and tripods in multiple scenarios. We will also cover improvised AHDs and delve into lightweight AHD options. This course will be conducted in indoor and wilderness settings.

Course takes place from 0800 – 1700 each day.

Course Includes

Use of Artificial High Directionals (tripods, monopods and bipods)
Highlines and deviations
Winches versus mechanical advantage systems
Load sharing anchors options and litter packaging/movement


Proficiency at tying common knots used in rope rescue
Proficiency at modern rope rescue techniques
Ability to move up or down a rope in a safe manner
Ability to assess risk in a vertical environment and act to mitigate those risks
Comfort with exposure

What to Bring

Appropriate clothing for the weather conditions
Class III full body harness or UIAA seat harness
Appropriate footwear (e.g. approach shoes) for accessing training sites
Rope gloves
Small backpack
Eye protection
Personal descender
6 locking carabiners
Rope ascending system (optional)
Rope grab (mechanical or prusik)
Weather: Average temps range from low 60s to mid 80s, typically dry this time of year, but it’s Western Washington so be prepared for rain.

Target Audience

Paid and non-paid professional rope rescuers, mountain rescuers, search and rescue personnel, climbing guides or anyone who might respond for the rescue of a stranded/injured climber or worker.

Course Pricing

Course: $540


/// 7 Spaces Available
Details Price Qty
Course $540.00 USD