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Multifunction ascender with pulley for mountaineering, rescue and rope work. Robust, functional and intuitive, it can be used in four different modes: ascender, pulley, ascender/pulley or recovery pulley.





Product Details


  • its versatility, compactness and ease of use allow the time, material and space used during maneuvers to be reduced to a minimum;
  • allows the ascent of a rope in compliance with EN 567 / EN 12841-B standards (ascender mode);
  • it can be used as a simple pulley for lifting or transferring a load in compliance with EN 12278 (pulley mode);
  • the integrated pulley with ball bearings can be used as a direct reference for the easy ascent of a rope or for lifting a person without the use of additional connectors (blocker/pulley mode);
  • allows the direct recovery of a load, the creation of hoists and the lifting or self-lifting of a person, for example in the event of a fall into a crevasse (recovery pulley mode);
  • in pulley mode the rope is free to slide in both directions, while in recovery pulley mode it is free to slide in one direction and locks in the opposite one;
  • in recovery pulley mode it is possible to lower the recovered load by acting on the appropriate cord connected to the cam of the device;
  • the ergonomic opening via an intuitive button allows for rapid installation on the rope in the desired mode even when using gloves or in adverse conditions;
  • equipped with a steel cam equipped with teeth which preserves the wear of the rope but is equally effective in blocking it. The cam also has two grooves to reduce the accumulation of mud and maintain effective locking on the rope in any condition (muddy rope, frozen rope, etc.).