Elevated Safety News


    We’re featuring a piece of gear that every student that comes through our SPRAT course is issued on day one, and uses for the week.

  • Protect Yourself. Protect Your Rope.

    One of the crucial safety measures that is often over looked by work at height professionals is edge protection. The aim of edge protection is to protect the rope from damage as it is used over the edges of building or other obstacles.

  • The Current Top 3 Rope Bags Review

    There are a number of options available. And we try them out, so that we can let you know our thoughts on them. Here are our thoughts on the current, top three rope bags.

  • Confined Space Safety

    Safety is of the utmost importance when working in a confined space environment. Both the organization deploying the confined space workers, and the workers themselves need to ensure proper precautions are taken prior to entering a confined space.

  • Confined Space Rescue

    Across the country workers are constantly entering and working in confined spaces, and it is important to keep those teams safe with properly trained, and equipped confined space rescuers.

  • Harken Ninja Foot Ascender

    We consult, equip, and train teams on new gear, and test and review gear. Let’s take a look at the Harken Industrial Ninja Foot Ascender.

  • Elevated Safety Took Part in Golden Ray Rescue Mission

    Four Elevated Safety team members took part in the internationally celebrated mission to rescue four crew members trapped in The Golden Ray, the capsized ship off the coast of Georgia.

  • Collins Engineers

    One of the organizations that we work with is Collins Engineers. We provide professional training, certification, safety over site and rope access support to their team.


    Often times customers come to us for one of our three offerings, and once they work with us further, they learn about our other offerings. Take a look at this customer testimonial video featuring Craig, a Structural Engineering Manager at AECOM.